The new date for Literally Shepton 2021 is Friday 12 - Sunday 14 November.
We've been busy at Lit Fest HQ and are pleased to bring you the original line up and some added bonus events.

Friday 12th November

Fully booked

7.30pm (Doors from 7.00pm, starts 8.15pm sharp)  @ The Art Bank

The show features a professional MC, 8-10 up and coming comedians, a headline act from the cream of the UK Comedy Circuit and the audience choose the winner 

Entry is free with voluntary contributions  book your tickets here

4.00pm - 5.00pm @ Shepton Library
Ade Bowen is a children’s author and entertainer. When his first child was born, they read a lot of books – but as a parent, some of the books were painful to read.  So, Ade found an old story he had started writing while back packing in Germany, finished it and added lots of humour and asides to make sure that parents enjoyed reading it as much as children enjoyed listening to it.
This interactive show, involving games, magic, puppets and laughter,  is about his first book, ‘The Astounding Adventure of Mr Bowns, the Laziest Man in the World.’  You might think you are lazy when you lay in bed until noon on a Sunday, but that is nothing compared to Mr Bowns.
So do not be a Lazy Bowns and book your family a ticket. (aimed at primary school age children) 
The event is free but book your tickets here
11.00 - 12.00pm @ Shepton Library

More details to follow about what to expect in this talk, however one thing is for sure it will be inspiring and entertaining as Christopher Anaspitos Bullzini is a born entertainer.

Entry is free but book your tickets here

Saturday 13th november

The HooDoos

A few tickets remaining

8.00pm (onstage at 9.00pm) @ The Art Bank

The HooDoos play an eclectic mix of swampy blues, folk, jazz, bluegrass, pop and funk wrapped up with gorgeous goose-bumping vocal harmonies. This bunch of local music talent has become a bit of a favourite in Somerset and are definitely a band not to miss…!

With support from the very talented Eddie Dean, up and coming rock and roll sensation.


Entry is free but book your tickets here

Mike Butler author of "Sounding the Century: Bill Leader & co volume 1"

6.00-7.00pm @The Art Bank

Sounding the Century is based on ten years of interviews with Bill Leader and the musicians he has worked alongside. Oral testimony from players on the side-lines constitutes hidden history, and secrets, surprises and wit spill forth; something jaw-dropping happens once every four pages. Such a long life and such consistently excellent work over a prolonged span make for a very big book, one book has grown into a ten volume series. 

If the author has a wish, it would be to remove the stigma attached to left-wing socialist and other political radicals. They are the people who make folk music what it is today, and Bill Leader is foremost amongst them.

The event is free but book your tickets here

Q&A with Jen Gale

4.45 - 5.15pm @ The Art Bank

Join Jen Gale, following her talk Sustainable(ish) Living in Sixty Minutes for a cuppa and informal Q&A session.

Jen Gale - Sustainable(ish) Living in Sixty Minutes

3.30 - 4.30pm @ The Art Bank

Jen, author of the Sustainable(ish) Living Guide and The Sustainable(ish) Guide to Green Parenting. A whistle stop and accessible tour around 6 key areas where we as individuals can make a big difference, with suggestions for actions to take, with an emphasis on imperfect action and making a start. 

No preaching, no judgement, no expectations of “eco-perfection”

Entry is free but book your tickets here

Clive Pearson - The Second World War in 100 Facts

12.40 - 1.15pm @ Shepton Mallet Library

Clive Pearson was until recently a History lecturer at Gloucestershire College in Cheltenham. He has specialised in World War Two and his book is entitled ‘The Second World War in 100 Facts’. The author takes us on a quick march through the battlegrounds of the world’s deadliest conflict and examines the defining moments of the war and its international aftermath. The book reminds us about the less familiar aspects of the war in Russia and the Far East and the cruel suffering and loss of life there.

The war gave rise to world leaders both iconic and infamous, instigated the break-up of empires and set the stage for the Cold War between America and the Soviet Union. The book also includes some lesser known facts that you may never heard of such as a Russian reindeer that did a tour of duty on a British submarine and a bear that fought alongside a Polish unit in Italy!

Entry is free but book your tickets here:

Polly Hall - author of The Taxidermist's Lover

12.00-12.30pm @ Shepton Mallet Library

Described as “[A] shudder-inducing debut.” ~ The New York Times, The Taxidermist’s Lover is Polly Hall’s first gothic horror novel set on the atmospheric Somerset Levels. It follows the fate of Scarlett and her lover Henry, a taxidermist, over one year, leading to what Booklist describe as a “near-perfect horror ending”!

Polly Hall is a passionate supporter of Arts & Culture, a member of The Author’s Guild and host of podcast ‘Procrastination Station’ .
Meet her at Shepton Mallet Library. 
You can find out more on

Insta @Polly_Hall_Writer
Twitter @PollyHallWriter

Entry is free but book your tickets here

Shoebox Theatre - A Walk on the Wildside

A few tickets remaining

2.00 - 3.00pm @ The Art Bank

A clown show (think Laurel and Hardy type clowns more than circus clowns) about connection. with nature and the natural world around us, our connection with each other. How we can easily become disconnected, but how there is always the chance to find a way back. The show is playful, funny,
poignant and life-affirming. It is aimed primarily at the grown-ups, but is absolutely suitable for all ages with no inappropriate content.

Shoebox Theatre are Somerset-based Leela Bunce and Ged Stephenson. Their last show The Library of Lost Memories toured the SW in 2019. “Brilliantly crafted, performed, thought provoking….a delight” and “A wonderful piece of theatre – exquisite clowning and storytelling with real emotional punch.” Audience Feedback.

Entry is free but book your tickets here

Writing Awards

12.00 -12.30pm@ The Art Bank

Competition winners announced for Literally Shepton 2021. For competition details see (add link)

Stellar Scribes - Criminal Tendencies- authors Nikki Copleston and Jan Ellis

11.00 -12.00pm @Shepton Mallet Library

Meet these crime writers, and learn more about how they approach their work and the road to getting published.

Nikki Copleston has published three crime novels set in Wiltshire and featuring Detective Inspector Jeff Lincoln. The fourth Lincoln novel, The Promise of Salvation, should be available later this year. One of her short stories, How to Conduct an Infatuation, won the Wells Literary Festival Short Story Competition in 2019, and she’s written local history articles about Salisbury. /twitter: @nikkicopleston /facebook: Nikki Copleston author / Instagram: nikkicopleston

Jan Ellis began writing fiction by accident in 2013. She writes stories set in small towns in Devon and the South of France. At their core, her books are about family, friendship and the humour inherent in everyday life. When a traditional publisher bought the rights to her ebooks, they commissioned her to write a mystery that became The Bookshop Detective. Having tried her hand at romantic comedy and traditional mystery, she quite fancies having a go at killing someone off in the next book. /Twitter:JanEllis_Writer/ Facebook: Jan Ellis Writer

Entry is free but book your tickets here


Fully Booked

10.30-11.30am @The Art Bank

An interactive, live music experience for children and families, which will entertain, educate and inspire.

With 2 albums on international release and a whole load of exciting live shows and festivals under their belts, they’ve written a whopping 600 songs with children during school workshops. Combining  their experience both as trained primary teachers and rock stars, they are in fact the world’s ONLY school workshop rock band!

Their live shows have the whole crowd singing, dancing and joining in with games and madness!

Entry is free but book your tickets here

Sunday 14th november

SMart (Shepton Mallet Arts and Culture) launch party

8.00 - 10.30pm @The Art Bank

A launch and networking event for SMart – the organisation for artists and practitioners in Shepton Mallet and surrounding area.

Are you an artist, writer, musician, drama or theatre practitioner, creative arts facilitator, radio/podcast producer, graffiti artist, a ceramics teacher, bookbinder, potter, sculptor, musician, a community arts group leader?

Are you based in Shepton Mallet and surrounding area? Come and be part of SMart – the organisation for arts and culture.

Our intention is to create a supportive hub where you can connect with other practitioners in the area.

Entry is free but book your ticket here

Claire Williamson & supporting poets

6.30pm -7.30pm @ The Art Bank

Claire Williamson’s latest poetry collection Visiting the Minotaur (Seren, 2018),  was a National Poetry Day recommendation for book groups.  Claire mentors writers of all kinds and supports people with therapeutic writing and creative coaching in groups & 1-1. She’s studying for a doctorate at Cardiff University on the theme of grief. Claire lives on the English/Welsh border, with her two daughters and a borderline border-collie.

supported by

Dominic Weston, produces wildlife television programmes, runs over the Mendip hills and writes poetry. His work often relates to family, the natural world, or both, undercut by a healthy slick of darkness. His poems have appeared in Agenda, Black Bough Poetry, Magma, The North and Under the Radar among many others.

Denise Nevill “I started writing poetry a couple of years ago. Firstly, in response to my increasing environmental awareness and more recently about more personal thoughts and issues. I currently love: swimming in the Marine Lake and sea at Clevedon, Djembe drumming, singing with Shepton Sings and working in the ArtBank.

Campbell Maddox Is a member of the TRB Theatre School, his performances include Arabian Nights at the Egg Theatre, Echoing, a site-specific sound installation piece set in Bath, Feste in Twelfth Night. Campbell also enjoys acting for screen and relishes poetry recitation. He was the County winner of the Poetry by Heart Competition in 2020 and a finalist in the Emirates Literature Festival Qasidah Par Coeur Competition in 2017.

Dominic Weston, Denise Nevill & Campbell Maddox

Entry is free but book your tickets here

Atticus Green - History of Tarot

5.00 - 6.00pm @ The Art Bank

Atticus is a highly experienced tarot reader, with 20 years’ experience, having read at many psychic fairs and as a private reader. His ethical and approachable style to the tarot sets him apart and brings it into the 21st century.

The Tarot has been around since the 11th Century; their ancient symbols and wisdom shrouded in mystery, folklore and myth. 

He will teach you the history of Tarot, dispel the myths and show you how to read and use this incredible tool for personal growth and creative development. By the end, you will have the confidence and ability to read Tarot for yourself.

Entry is free but book your tickets here

Steve Day - Adventures in Dementia

3.00 - 4.00pm @The Art Bank

Adventures in Dementia is Day’s hour-long tribute to his 82 year old dad, Roy.

Steve’s memories are necessarily bitter-sweet, but the show can be taken as showing two fingers to dementia, defying the disease’s definition of his father to replacing it with his own – a three dimensional portrait of a real man, warts and all, but loved and loving.

Entry is free but book your tickets here

Fully booked

2.15 - 2.45pm @ The Art Bank

The second showing of A Tall Tails Theatre Company and Wassail Theatre co-produced 25 minute pantomime for audiences of all ages 

Entry is free but book your tickets here

Fully booked

1.30 - 2.00pm @ The Art Bank

A Tall Tails Theatre Company and Wassail Theatre co-produced 25 minute pantomime for audiences of all ages – featuring makaton signing and high levels of access provision. Expect a Somerset -inspired retelling of the classic Cinderella story, following the adventures of her beloved rat when he is transformed into a human coachman for just one night.

Entry is free but book your tickets here

The Zoo that Comes to You

A few tickets remaining

12.00 -1.00pm @ The Art Bank

Come and meet this eclectic group of charming yet cheeky animals! A joyous journey featuring puppetry, live music and playful characters, Scarlet Oak Theatre welcomes people of all ages to join the conversation about animal conservation.

Age Guidance: 4+ Though younger audiences and unaccompanied grownups welcome. 

Company details: Jasmine Orchard and Lucia d’Inverno met when training at Circomedia: centre for contemporary circus and physical theatre. Both artists bring to the company their experience from working in a variety of educational settings; youth theatres, play groups, baby sensory classes, schools and home education groups.

Entry is free but book your tickets here

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